Chief Archaeologist Rescue

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The land here still have some ruins and most of them are not explored yet, as a chief archeologist, Nigel just went ahead to the place where the entire team will be going, not a good idea but everyone is kind of okay with it for Nigel is old and quite experienced in stuff like these. But as he went ahead, everyone kind of got concerned for they might get lost there.

As everyone arrives in the location, they were definitely caught off-guard with what they saw, there were new structures there and modern fixtures! But what’s concerning was Nigel is in this man-sized cage and he was trying to escape from it! Everyone immediately went on high alert, nobody else is around here and that’s good, for all they know the ones who owns these things could be terrorists and they are now on their camp. Escape players, everyone needs to get out of the place now, but somebody needs to rescue the chief first, and for that you volunteered. Okay now, will you be able to free Nigel quietly and quickly?

Chief Archaeologist Rescue is the newest point-and-click wilderness rescue escape game created by Fastrack Games.

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Walkthrough video for Chief Archaeologist Rescue

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