Crazy Archaeologist Rescue

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Amongst the ancient team who have been formed to uncover the secrets of this luxurious Egyptian tomb was a crazy archeologist. Well not because she is in and about around and creating disorganization in the team, but she is actually eccentric and geeky in terms of historical things, she is really good with what she does too and despite of anything she doesn’t let any sort of distraction distract her while she works. That’s why when she discovered something there inside the tomb, she immediately went to it and that triggered something! A trap of course and that sealed the stone doors with her in it!

All of the team are currently outside when this happened, but they knew then that something happened for there was a huge booming sound and dust came out of the tomb’s exits. They immediately got very concerned for they know that one of their teammates are still in there. They shouldn’t have left her alone, now they need to get her out of there before something else happens, but how will they do this? Escape players, the team needs all the help that they need here on the rescue, want to join in this rescue for the team’s eccentric but expert archeologist?

Crazy Archaeologist Rescue is a new ancient place rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Crazy Archaeologist Rescue

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