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Catra Escape

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Jenny was invited as a guest to a cosplay convention by his friend, and for their costumes, they decided a Catra cosplay for their other friends will be on the He-man side. Jenny doesn't have such a costume, but it's a good thing that her friend has and the only thing to do then is to go to her house and borrow the extra costume. Jenny finally arrives at her friend's house and it was normal at first, but then something was up and it's serious! Jenny only noticed that when she entered the house.

Her friend was actually trapped in a room in her own house and it's a good thing the door was open, for Jenny will not be able to access the house at all if it isn't, but now the only block is the door which is keeping her friend from getting out. Jenny is now trying to wonder what happened, but that is taking-up some time so escape players, will you just help out on the rescue here for Jenny's friend before she hurts herself in her struggle to escape? Use your skills then and manipulate items in the house that can help.

Catra Escape is brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by 8b Games.

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