Forest Wooden Cottage Escape Game

Forest Wooden Cottage Escape

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Dustin was currently going on a journey through the wilderness when suddenly, he found a cottage and it was unexpected for the wilderness was suppose to be inhabited! Well guess it is for there is a path and there is a huge chance he will come across such an old place. Maybe it's time to rest and ask questions from someone who had lived the place for long, so Dustin decided to meet the person who lives in the place and actually the area was a huge farm! Now this person have really lived in the place for long.

Dustin began knocking on the doors but unfortunately, nobody is answering him, maybe they are shy? Likely, Dustin kept trying until he decided to just leave and not bother the inhabitants there, maybe he can continue back to camp before dark. But there was a problem with that however, for Dustin seems to be lost in the farm! Now Dustin definitely needs help here, but the inhabitants of the place seems to be ignorant of him, will you just help Dustin escape players before it gets dark in the wilderness?

Forest Wooden Cottage Escape is another new point and click area escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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