Castle Wall Escape

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The castle was once the declared domicile of the royal family, but a lot has happened in the past and now their permanent residence in the present day sits at the modern capital of the country. Now the castle stands as old but not abandoned though, for a caretaker takes a look at the place so to make things in order and clean, knowing that the place is ancient it must be so that it’ll last. As a person who lives just nearby, Martin decided to enter the place illegally just to see what’s inside, he is not going to steal anything but what he is about to do is very risky.

Martin enters the inner walls of the old castle, it was okay at first but then he noticed something, for the door where he came from was now closed and when he tried it, he can’t open it no more! Martin have no idea what happened, but he thinks there might have been a security thingy here and he triggered it! Martin is way concerned now for he doesn’t want to get in trouble, but then again he did this which puts him at a risky situation. Escape players, Martin is going to need a little bit of help here, will you give him a hand so he can escape and return home?

Castle Wall Escape is the newest point and click complex escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Castle Wall Escape


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