Tomb Escape

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Beneath a farm which wasn’t special at all, there is actually a tomb which was ancient and by the looks of it, the place looks deluxe! By deluxe they meant it belonged to a very powerful and rich person, well at least in the past and right-now a few people are only trying to uncover who this tomb belongs to. But in their attempts however, one person just got in some trouble and because he is in a separate complex there, he got no help coming to him! At least immediately.

Everyone in the team was assigned to a different place in the complex which was actually very wide, that includes Jimmy who was with someone. But when a trap triggered, he got trapped in a room and it so happened that his partner went-out of the complex for a minute! Now Jimmy is trapped and alone in a room isolated from his team who were behind walls of stone a foot thick. Escape players, Jimmy is in a serious situation now and even though he knows what to do, he is going to need a little help to escape. Will you give Jimmy here a hand so he can get back to the surface safely?

Tomb Escape is a brand new point and click ancient place escape game from Games 2 Live.