Cameraman House Escape

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As a cameraman, this is the most different job Paul have been given, for he was asked to be a part of a team who will investigate a house which was haunted! Paul have no guts at first to take this, but eventually he did and he was downright scared. As the day came he enters the house, he saw the place seems okay, it was almost entirely pink in there and the rooms are not scary at all. Well still Paul cannot deny the fact that he is on alert at times and he should, for something will happen to him there and that will begin when he was left alone by the team there in the place for a moment.

Paul was stupidly scared when he was left alone, he wanted to go with them but he cannot leave all of the equipment there which had been set, so he stayed. After a while it was silent in there, Paul was starting to relax when something happened! And now that is a definite issue. Escape players, Paul was now trapped there in the house for he tried the doors for just a moment and all of them are locked! Paul have no idea if this was the work of his team or the haunts of the place, but surely he cannot stay there now and that’s why he needs to get out. Paul have no way to get out from there for everything was locked, want to help him then in any way so he can escape before something else happens?

Cameraman House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Cameraman House Escape

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