Cactus Collector Escape

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Roan was already a welcomed guest at the cactus collector’s place for aside from being a collector, he was also a seller and what rare species of cactus he has which was also gold in the eyes of Roan. That day, he got a call from the collector that he has new stocks of rare cacti in his house now, if he wants to go first before he places them all at the shop, Roan must hurry and go to his house to purchase his fresh from delivery. Roan absolutely did that for his goal was to collect the rare ones and he might find ones that he doesn’t have yet. But as he arrived at the collector’s home, there was a problem there and absolutely it was unexpected.

Roan found his friend the collector trapped somewhere in his own home and he was yelling for help! Roan didn’t know what to do at first for he doesn’t know really what exactly happened, but after a few minutes Roan found-out eventually that his friend is trapped inside a room for a door seems to be jammed. It most definitely looks jammed, but of course Roan will help his friend for that is the logical thing to do. Escape players, want to join in the rescue here for Roan’s friend who was a cactus collector?

Cactus Collector Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.