Rescue The Peacock (Top 10 New Games)

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The forest is filled with sophisticated turkeys but it’s a secret though and no other people knows about it except Newton. The location where they all live is deep in the forest and the first-time Newton stumbled upon the turkeys who knows how to read, write, and even speak human, he almost fainted in shock! But then he was tended to by the turkeys and what kindness did they bring to him too when he was speechless and couldn’t move due to the ordeal. That was years ago though and Newton is now living in the place with the turkeys and never went-back to civilization. It was normal days from then on with the turkeys and all became a friend to Newton, but one day however something is going to disturb that normality, for they found something trapped in one of the houses which Newton built.

The turkeys then called for Newton because in one of the houses that he built, there was a peacock trapped inside it! Nobody could open the doors for the thing is locked, maybe the peacock is one of the intellectual animals here who was lost and now it locked itself in for it got scared of the turkeys? Or it might just be a normal peacock and it got trapped in the house accidentally? Newton is the only one who has thumbs and bigger than everyone else here so escape players, will you join Newton on his attempt to rescue the trapped peacock?

Rescue The Peacock is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Top 10 New Games.