Bugs Door Escape Game

Bugs Door Escape

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It's around twelve midnight but you can still hear some vehicles passing by and stopping. Usually, at this time of the night, nothing can be heard outside. The cool air and silence prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night. However, tonight isn't the same as the other nights. You can't help but get up from your bed to take a look out the window. The house across yours are where the vehicles are stopping. It seems like they're unloading stuffs on the house. You're guessing you'll be meeting new people when you go out to jog the next morning. Although it's quite weird to you for them to move in at night, maybe they're just following superstitions. You know you'll get to this mystery when you talk to them later. For the mean time, you go back to sleep.

You wake up early the next morning for your morning exercise. As you warm up outside your house, you look at the house across yours. They may be sleeping in from last night's activities. You walk back to their house a little later with a pie. You heard something inside and you're thinking they might be rearranging stuffs. But when you look for them inside, no one's there and you hear the door closing behind you. Play Bugs Door Escape room escape game by Avm Games.

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