Peacock Door Escape Game

Peacock Door Escape

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This is the start of a new adventure for you and your friends. You were classmates since kindergarten and you somehow shared the same dream. So you make sure that you're always there for each other as you reach your own dreams. You're making sure that each of you can find strength in one another. It does take efforts to maintain such a good friendship. You always have to talk to one another and update on the developments of your dreams. Sometimes it annoys you but most of the time it reminds you to keep going in the direction of your dream. You finished high school together and is now on the move for your college education. You have different courses but you found a school where you can still be together. Now the only thing for you to look for is a nice place to stay in.

You are in charge of looking for the place. So you travel to the city where your school is located to search for a place near it. You don't want to ride any transportation in going to the school. So you're making sure that it'll just be a walking distance away. Then you find this nice villa which your friends will surely love as well. You enter the villa to check the place when suddenly you hear an alarm go off. The lock of all the doors turned and you have no way to escape unless you search for it. Play Peacock Door Escape room escape game by Avm Games.

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