Turkey Hatch Eggs Rescue Game

Turkey Hatch Eggs Rescue

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You're gasping for air as you run after the turkey that escapes your farm. You don't know where it's heading but you know you need to catch it. Its direction is towards a clearing a few meters away from your house. You're guessing the turkey is going there as it's the only place you can think of. You reach the place and call for the creature. But you can't hear any sound from anywhere. You're starting to think your animal is smarter than you think. Yet the reason for its running away and hiding still isn't clear. You're very sure that you're giving it enough food and care. So the reason must be something. It might be meeting up with other animals or other people. Yet you don't think it'll let you see it running away like that. It might be leading you somewhere.

So you walk around the clearing until you see some structures. These structures can be good hiding places. You poke your head and even move around the things you can see. But your turkey is really good at hiding. You're not the kind to easily give up though. Play Turkey Hatch Eggs Rescue is a room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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