Brownie Pet Escape Game

Brownie Pet Escape

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Brownie Pet Escape is brand new point and click pet rescue escape game from Avm Games. Enjoy more fun adventures here plus a daring rescue!

The village here even though the residents are only in the minimum in numbers, the area it occupies is pretty big and the houses are meters away from each other as oppose to just the few feet in distance. Iver also lives in this village but in the edge of it though so he can tend to his sheep together with his trained dog which he calls Brownie. Iver had trained Brownie in what he knows now in herding sheep, he is kind of like his senior dog, but even then the dog is pretty active and clumsy at times. One day, Iver was tending his sheep but when he called for Brownie, the dog was nowhere to be found, little did he know that the dog's tiny dash of clumsiness is what had caused it to get in some trouble.

Iver looked for the dog around the village and all he can hear was barking, eventually he found the poor thing trapped inside one of the houses in the village and it's one of those that are only occupied occasionally! Escape players, Iver here needs to rescue his dog Brownie for it is his most valuable companion here in this seemingly remote area, will he be able to though without destroying anything in the house? Good luck on the rescue everyone!

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