Bubbly Sheep Escape Game

Bubbly Sheep Escape

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People from the city couldn't really understand what made you go back and forth to the mountains. You were assigned there in the first year of your work. At first you thought it would feel like a punishment. You were away from your home, away from the city, away from the internet, and basically away from the life you always knew. But at the moment you set your foot on the mountain grounds, everything changed. You immediately felt you were very lucky for being assigned there. And then slowly, you began to think it was the life you always dreamed of. You also met a bubbly sheep there who became your friend. You made sure to have afternoon walks after work and the sheep made sure to accompany you. Then things changed. You were given an offer to be assigned in the city.

Your heart was crying no but your brain led the way. You always kept communication with the people you met there. And when they told you the sheep was missing, you knew you had to go back and find the sheep yourself. You wanted to hear its bubble sound again. Play Bubbly Sheep Escape outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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