Luxury Beach Villa Game

Luxury Beach Villa

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Try the beautiful house escape adventure here everyone. Luxury Beach Villa is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by 365 Escape for another fun escape adventures with us. Best of luck!

Timothy was the new guests in the luxurious beach house here and throughout his stay, everything had been great! His three day-long stay was worthwhile and things were smooth from the start, but in the end however something strange happened for as he was heading for his door to leave for his vacation was over, it seems that the thing won't budge and no matter how hard he tinkered it, it just wouldn't open. Timothy stopped tinkering for he fears he might destroy the door and by the looks of it, it's not very cheap. Well even though how beautiful this room here is or how good was his stay, he must find a way to leave still, but the question is will he be able to before an extra charge is dealt unto him?

Escape players, Timothy here is trapped in the luxurious suite room which he had stayed-in thanks to that something weird which had happened earlier. Want to join in the room escape adventure here with Timothy and see if you can all make the escape safely? Enjoy then everyone, have fun!


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