Breakup Boyfriend Room Escape Game

Breakup Boyfriend Room Escape

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Alex finally had the guts to break-up with his boyfriend for she thought their relationship was not getting any healthier, so she decided that she'll come-over to his place and confess what she really feels, but as she entered the place however she noticed that it was somehow silent inside, he was actually away and the house was empty. Alex was ready to say something but it seems that the universe is doing something so that they won't go their separate ways, she is thinking about breaking-up with him now but at the moment, she should think about how she'll be able to escape from the place first, for she is now trapped in the house!

Alex could not open the doors of the house and she definitely knew how to open them for well she had lived in the place a couple of times, after tinkering with some of the doors in the place, she then realized that the back-door was also locked and that includes the windows! That is screaming red flags on Alex's head now, and at the moment she had lost her concentration for her plan was still bothering her. Firstly Alex needs to escape now for she has to keep herself composed for this and think straight, escape players will you be able to help her escape and safely without damaging anything in the home?

Breakup Boyfriend Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from WoW Escape.

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