Break Out

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People are on the look-out for a guy named Winston, for he is just around and if he is not caught yet or any other culprit then nobody is really safe in the neighborhood. Winston was once a benign neighbor, kind and sometimes talkative sometimes not, but then he started acting weird and from then people started to disappear one by one in the area! It’s a cause for concern and the police are slowly starting to make their way in finding those people and also maybe if someone is doing this. That day however, you will realize everything and what’s really going-on, for you became a victim!

Escape players, you woke-up and you are inside a house you knew it belonged to Mr. Winston, you really had a bad feeling about this then and somehow you knew Winston might be behind these disappearances, for your area is very peaceful and such as this somehow answers everything that had been happening. Escape players, you are currently trapped inside and that raised even more red flags here. Luckily Winston is not home as it seems for he should have come if he is, this is your chance to escape right-now! Will you be able to do so and find help then?

Break Out is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Foxzoid.