Break Free The Dorm Room

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Something very strange is happening to Desmond’s dorm here, actually it had been happening for weeks now and these happenings are so varied that he doesn’t even know which one to tell, he is even starting to think that his room is haunted, but he doesn’t want to lean on to that. From all the happenings though, today is the worst for he couldn’t open the doors in his room and now he is basically trapped in there!

Desmond is trying to calm himself now for if he panics then his productivity decreases and who knows what else he will experience there. Escape players, step into the shoes of Desmond here, will you be able to escape the dorm room which was totally acting weird and is trapping you?

Break Free The Dorm Room is another new point-and-click indoor escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Break Free The Dorm Room

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3 months ago

You can’t have a dorm room with only one bed!

It should ‘Break out of the dorm room’, not the existing illiterate title.