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Bravery 1

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Here we offer you a test of your rescue skills and bravery, will you have the guts for this adventure? Bravery 1 is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from First Escape Games.

The mysterious forest is a place not for everyone to enter, for the vines and trees there are twisting, surely the place has some magical properties or something. But Enrique needs to enter there even though he is too cowardly to do so, for his friend is lost in there and it had been days ever since he got contact from him. Enrique is expecting the worst for him for the forest doesn't let anybody out just like that, but he must try and get his friend out of there still, for he is already a big contributor as to what had happened to his friend.

Enrique should not abandon his friend for it's definitely a wrong thing to leave such behind. Escape players, why don't you join Enrique here on this test of his bravery, the place will not be merciful for mortals but still, would you join in the first bravery rescue here for Enrique's friend? Let's go then and be very careful on the adventure through a dangerous place such as this.

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