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Booking Room Escape
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Booking Room Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games. Good luck on this escape adventure here in a huge and luxurious house!

Anton was one of the persons who made a booking in the luxurious and exclusive residence for their beautiful houses there. The abodes are absolutely costly, but it makes it up for being spacious and roomy. Anton had already made his down-payment and he decided to check the place extensively to maybe make a plan on what he needs to get done there. Well there is definitely more things to add there for his preferences, but in the middle of his house checking however, something definitely stopped him from pushing further into the rooms.

Anton just discovered that some of the doors could not be opened and that includes the main-doors which was the only few way out of the place! He didn't knew there was a system here that closes the doors automatically, but he is starting to think there is something more going-on here and it is now trapping him in. Escape players, Anton is trapped here in the huge house which he already decided to purchase, care to join in with him and see if you can all escape before he changes his mind about it? Go ahead then, find clues which can potentially tell what's really going-on now. Good luck!

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