Blue Parrot Rescue

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Rescue a colorful animal here escape players in a garden that’s equally beautiful. Blue Parrot Rescue is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Mirchigames for another fun escape to try!

The garden is peaceful that day and when dusk came, it was still peaceful. Dian lives just close it and she sees how the vegetation blooms there and the animals flourishing through the years. Night was falling and Dian was heading home for she doesn’t want to be in the place when it’s dark, but as she came to pass in the most lush area of the place however, she found a cage and at first she thought it was hers which she had used to enclose injured birds for days and then release them when they are okay, but the item however doesn’t belong to her.

Dian examined the cage and she was startled for when she touched it, a blue parrot which was an endemic creature in the area was actually inside and it struggled! Dian knows that blue parrots are not that endangered here and are even quite numerous, but where does extinction due to poaching starts? Well from the very first creature being harvested from the wild. Dian decided to free the bird there for the cage’s door seems to be simple enough, but the question is will she be able to do that as quickly as possible? Escape players, you can check-out the animal rescue here with Dian and be quick about it.