Snowy Cabin Escape

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Be ready to escape from the cold wilderness here where you have no idea how you even got there. Snowy Cabin Escape is the newest point and click frigid escape game created by Selfdefiant for another fun escape adventure!

Monty was sleeping in his house and it was very cozy for his comforters are pretty thick and the snow is just piling outside the cold forest, he quickly fell asleep right after he laid-down. After a while when he was deep in sleep he felt a bit cold, and when he opened his eyes he saw he was outside of his warm cabin and that instantly got him confused! Monty had no idea why he was out now and because he never really remembered that he had slept-walk before, this is some weird situation indeed, well little did he know this is going to get a lot worst.

Monty realized when he quickly went to his doors so he can get inside, it was actually locked! What in the world is going-on here? Monty is pretty cold now and he really needs to get back inside before he gets hypothermia. Safety is important here so he needs to get himself to warmth and then he can find some answers right after he does that, escape players care to join in with Monty here in this situation where he needs to get inside his house before he freezes? Be quick then and keep moving for warmth.

Walkthrough video for Snowy Cabin Escape


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