Christmas Find The Santa Stick Game

Christmas Find The Santa Stick

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Come and try finding an item here which was an important one for an important person. Christmas Find The Santa Stick is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

Santa's house is getting more advanced as the years go by, but somehow it is a mystery why he keeps misplacing things even though it is being constantly monitored by tech. Well guess technology was always no match for magic, but because Santa had a lot of help still, he can always ask and his helpers would come. One day, Santa misplaced yet another item and that is his stick which was vital for anything that he does when going his rounds around the world.

Mon was open that day and because Santa's schedule of leaving is drawing to a close and everyone was kind of busy for Christmas, he offered a hand to Santa. Escape players, want to join Mon here as he finds Santa stick which can be anywhere from his workshop to his house? Use all the clues you can find around the structures as well as the snow, for those can potentially lead you to that missing stick. Keep yourselves warm then, for snow will piling on you on this adventure.

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