Big Christmas Land Escape Game

Big Christmas Land Escape

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Most people celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. But you're all alone in this country. Your family is in another country and you can't home this year. Your friends invite you over to celebrate the season with them. But you know that it's their time with their family. And you don't really feel alone. However, you don't want to celebrate inside your apartment. So you look for some fun Christmas ideas you can do. A forest with the white snow covering the ground and the trees looks so lovely. And you decide that it's where you'll be celebrating. Before leaving, you make sure to bring some yummy food you can enjoy to still keep you warm in your solitude. You have a downloaded offline map on your phone in case you might need it. Although you really wish you won't. And so your trip starts.

You want to be home before dark and plan to stay there for just two hours. You arrive there and prepare your little picnic. The view is just perfect for the food you prepare. You're halfway with your food when you feel a little too cold already. So you begin to pack up and start to leave. But the falling snow changes the look of the terrain and you can't seem to find your way out. Play Big Christmas Land Escape outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games.

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