The Circle 2 - Web House Escape 32 Game

The Circle 2 - Web House Escape 32

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One of the things you really hate are spiders. You don't blame the spiders for looking like that. It's how their designed. However, the spider should also understand that you don't get to choose to like them or not. There's just something about their appearance that frightens you. A spider never hurt you before. Although you've been hurt quite a few times trying to avoid them. And with this kind of mission, you don't know if you'll be able to move at all. But not moving at all means failing the mission already. So despite your growing fears, you still try to move around and search for items. Then you come upon a place where a huge spider is on its web and two hands of a giant rest there. You don't know how these things get there. But you just know that you shouldn't stay for a long time.

You slowly interact with the rest of the items around the location. Yet your eyes are always on the spider. If it ever moves an inch then it's the perfect reason to really leave the place and abort the mission. But can you really leave? Play The Circle 2 - Web House Escape 32 is a room escape game by Enagames.

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