Desert Owl Escape Game

Desert Owl Escape

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Your friend works at an owl cafe in your neighborhood. She's supposed to take the owl to the cafe. But something came up. So decides to leave the owl at your place for a while. She'll be back in the afternoon and you just have to feed the owl. It doesn't need much and is pretty comfortable inside the cage. But you still place the owl in a place where you can always see it. The owl really amazes you. And you spend a lot of time looking at every details of it. Then your friend calls. She reminds you of the feeding time of the owl. You need to let the creature out then feed it. It won't fly away since it has a string attached to its legs. This string will be cut off at the cafe. But for safety purposes, it'll be there for now.

You begin to somehow feel sorry for the owl. But you know it'll be in the wild soon. You look at the clock and it's just time to feed the owl. So you walk towards it and it's like it's expecting its meal. You try to open the cage but a lock is there. You look around for the key. However, you're having a hard time looking for it. Play Desert Owl Escape outdoor escape game by Online Gamez World.

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