Beautiful Girl

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This time escape players, you are to escape from another room and it’s not too small but also not too big. Together with you on this escape adventure there was this girl, she is pretty but she looks confused and as it seems she didn’t want to help in your escape. Well maybe she’ll snap-out of her trance later, and as for you though you must continue in trying to escape from there.

Escape players, try and find clues in the rooms there and items that you can use. Manipulate them so that will result in a formula for you to escape. Will you be able to get that done so that you and this girl can escape from there?

The Beautiful Girl is an edition of an old point-and-click indoor escape game created by Demolacion for Sniffmouse.

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Walkthrough video for Beautiful Girl

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3 months ago

It’s always like this: since THEY need something, that means we will have to look for a way out. And when WE need something, they immediately get a headache!