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Astral Shrine Escape

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You remembered looking at the sky and wishing endless on the stars. You couldn't really tell where this all started. But you just started looking at the skies one night and you felt peace within you. Since then you kept on looking at the stars at night or just even the sky when stars couldn't be found, and just breathe out you sighs for the day. You would do it a couple of times and then go to sleep. Somehow your sleep was peaceful after this. But one night, instead of having an undisturbed sleep, you woke up to the sound of a pounding on the door. It wasn't a knock. You wondered how your door could withstand such strong pounding. You got out of bed but thought twice about opening the door. The person behind might be so mad the reason for the pounding.

Then you heard the word your highness and you thought something was not right. You opened it and a maid entered hurriedly fixing your bed and getting your clothes ready. You looked around and saw you were not in your room anymore but in a strange kingdom. Play Astral Shine Escape room escape game by 365 Escape.

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  1. Date: April 14, 2019
    Author: dewed
    The half = 0 made no sense at all [Reply]

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