Escape From Fantasy World Level 12 Game

Escape From Fantasy World Level 12

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It seemed like every time you get into a new world, you also had to find a new wand. It may be because each world had its own requirements. You had been to many worlds before. Their differences shouldn't be surprising you anymore but they still do. Some were more extreme than others. You would have to dodge some foreign creatures, like creatures that shouldn't be existing but they did. Fortunately this world looked relatively normal. You woke up in an attic filled with many things. From what you saw, it may be a room for studying or experimenting. You just couldn't walk away from the flasks filled with liquids of varying colors. You were really tempted to pick them up and mix them together. But you were also reminded that you may cause an explosion and it wouldn't do good for your adventure.

So you decided to just explore the rest of the area first. If nothing exciting came up, then you might just go back to the chemicals and make the explosion you were avoiding. However, you started seeing items that you should be keeping with you and you spent most of your time doing that. Play Escape From Fantasy World Level 12 room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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