Joy Girl Rescue Game

Joy Girl Rescue

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You let destiny chose randomly your next destination. You wanted to be surprised and challenged. It wasn't the first time you tried this. Last time you found yourself among the dinosaurs and you ran for your life. But it was so fun to be in a place unexpectedly without any preparation. You were able to see the creatures the future generation would never be able to see while trying to keeping yourself alive. It didn't bother you much that you could go extinct along with them. The time machine your father made had an emergency button you could just press whenever you wanted to be back in the modern times. You hadn't used it yet though. For most of your adventures, you wanted to really test how you would be able escape each relying on your own skills. It made you feel good every time you escape from extinction.

This time you were in medieval period. You found yourself inside a castle. Castles were your least favorite places since you could easily get lost with all the dungeons and hallways surrounding you. As an added challenge you had to find a girl and rescue her. Play Joy Girl Rescue room escape game by Games 2 Jolly.

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