Antiquated Forest Escape Game

Antiquated Forest Escape

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There was an antiquated forest that immediately caught your attention. It seemed like you heard it before but you just couldn't tell where. You looked through your phone and opened your messaging apps. There was nothing about the forest in your history of messages. You tried telling yourself that it was just nothing. Maybe you just thought you heard it but didn't. Then again, the forest wouldn't get out of your mind. So instead, you went to the library to do some research about it. As you looked through the pages of the book, you couldn't help but provide the information before you even read them. You suddenly felt strange like you shouldn't be reading about it anymore. You stood up and hurriedly went out of the library to clear your head. Yet as you did, you met your friend. He also had a lot of interest in the forest.

He asked you to have a few moments with him to discuss his discoveries. You wanted to leave. But he was so persistent and kept on talking. Then you heard the part where they believed that someone escaped the past and went into the future in that forest. You immediately went to the forest to find the answers to your questions. Play Antiquated Forest Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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