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Escape The Plumber

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There were some down points on being a plumber. You needed to listen to a lot of people as your work required you to somehow wait for their approval. After working for a few years as a plumber, you got used to this. However, there were also positive points. You really enjoyed having a peek at other people's home. You also had the opportunity to taste some of their delicious snacks and even made some friends with the other helpers. Generally, people were friendly to you. And when you performed a good job, they mostly recommend you to more people. More people meant more jobs and more income. This may be tiring to you. But your goals were bigger than your worries. So you accepted the jobs and improved your works to receive higher pay. Fortunately, more and more people wanted your services.

One of your clients owned a big house. You learned this through the years. Big houses usually equated to big payments as well. So you didn't have any reasons to not accept the offer. You arrived at the location and it was in a very wide property. You finished working while the owner was away. But he forgot to leave the key with you. Play Escape The Plumber outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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