The Unseen Fears Game

The Unseen Fears

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There was always a time in a month when you'd feel like something was scaring you. You first noticed this when you transferred to your new house. No one stayed in the house for more than a year after its owner left for another country. It seemed like his family all moved there and he was the only one remaining. He didn't plan to leave but rumors said that there was something in his house that scared him. Then the house was up for sale. Yet the owner didn't even wait to be paid. You took the house as it fitted your budget. And it was in an area with a huge space behind it. You thought it would be perfect for your pet to run around and explore. However, you didn't check every bit of the remaining things inside the house.

You decided to just let them be until you could afford new things. Your first few nights were fine. You were able to sleep peacefully. But after a week, strange things started to happen. At first, a certain creature kept on moving your furniture. However, it seemed like that wasn't enough. So the strange creature entered your dreams and made you search for whatever it wanted. Play The Unseen Fears room escape game by Mirchigames.

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