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Alien Base 2

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Everybody was applauding when you craft left the earth. It was so surreal for you as it may have been for the others as well. All your life, it is the chaotic but colorful surroundings of the earth that you're seeing. But now, you're going to leave all of those to explore the vast darkness of the outer space. You hold on tight to whatever you can as your aircraft is going farther and farther away from earth. You close your eyes and imagine how it would be like in the outer space. Just a few days ago, you heard of a news about some alien sightings. You've been wondering about them too. Do they really exist? Are they really smarter than people? Do they really have weird skins like how so many sci-fi would describe them. As you're thinking of these thoughts, your craft landed on land.

You look at the window and see the distant stars and other heavenly bodies. You breathe in deeply just to check that you're still alive. And then you start with your work. Everything is going fine for a while. However, you started seeing weird lights reflected on your windows and you can't shake the feeling that there's something wrong. This Alien Base 2 room escape game by 365 Escape might lead you to fully understanding life outside earth.

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