Adventure Horror Forest Escape Game

Adventure Horror Forest Escape

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Before Halloween happens tonight and trick or treating will be big in the area then, Ken already wanted to do some adventures! And to compensate to such especially that it's not dark yet, he went on an adventure to the forest which was said to be haunted! It's going to be good! Ken told himself, but it's not going to be peachy in there though for when he entered and went deeply into the place, something happened and it was definitely not good!

At first it was no problem and Ken even found the place quite good, lush, and serene, but the true horrors of the place began and initially it would get people lost into it! That's only the first happening and Ken somehow has an idea what will happen next, he is not going to wait until the next happens. Escape players, Ken is going to escape from the place right-now while it is still possible, for when it gets dark then the situation will definitely get worst! Help Ken here navigate the forest and be ready for more challenges that the forest will throw at you.

Adventure Horror Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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