Abandoned House Abducted Girl Game

Abandoned House Abducted Girl

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Yu were driving downtown when you saw something suspicious. A car was following an innocent girl for hours. Moments later, you saw that group of men abducted the girl. You called the police but the number was out of coverage. There's nobody else in the area so you have to be brave to follow the car. You drove from a distance but you still managed to follow the trail of the car. The goons stopped into an abandoned house in the woods. You waited for many hours to get the right timing. It's late night when the guards fell asleep and that's the right time to enter the house. You saw the poor girl and you pledged to help her escape from the abandoned house. You unchained her and headed to the exit but the door is locked.

The good news is, there are many items inside that you can use to escape. Grab those items and use your logic to make a good escape tool. You have to escape from the abandoned house with the abducted girl before the guards wake up. Abandoned House Abducted Girl is a brand new point and click room escape game from First Escape Games. Good luck!

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