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Crazy Christmas
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Christmas is crazy and you are about to go even crazier with CrazyDad. He left his home for a while to be away from his crazy wife and kids. A little crazy is fun. But too much of it can well, make you go crazy. So he escaped his house for a while to take his craziness somewhere else. Then he reached this little village where he enjoyed some "me-time". However, it's time for him to go home to his family. Then again, the odds were against him as the tram is broken. He needed to find some things that can help him fix the tram. Yet a single place did not contain everything. He needed to talk to a lot of people and fulfill their requirements before acquiring the things he needed. All the demands asked of him added to his craziness.

So you came to his rescue. Even if he's a little cuckoo, you still want him to be with his family. And that's why you came to him asking for the things he need. He gave you a list and you started planning out your route. Will you survive his craziness or you'll both become even crazier? Play Crazy Christmas adventure game by Mouse City and celebrate a crazy Christmas victoriously.


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