The Latest Hotel Escape Game

The Latest Hotel Escape

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A new hotel opened yesterday in your city and everyone gave a high rating for it. It is indeed the talk of the town. You are so curious so you went downtown to check out the latest hotel. When you entered the hotel, you saw the classy interiors and it made you feel more excited. You heard that there's an Olympic-size swimming pool and a bowling club inside so you didn't think twice to book a room. You were on the line when the receptionist said that there's no available room until next week. It made you sad you so just roamed around the hotel. You didn't know that what you did is not allowed. Moments later, the guards went to you and took you to the hotel's interrogation room.

They accused you as a trespasser. You explained your side but they didn't buy your explanation. They said that your case is trespassing and attempted robbery. They called the police to pick you up and bring you to jail. The hotel staff overreacted. You have to escape from the latest hotel before the police come. You only have a limited time to solve this puzzle. Play The Latest Hotel Escape room escape game by Eight Games. Enjoy!

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