Abandoned Haunted Manor X

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There is an abandoned mansion here at the outskirts of the town and Bill had been captivated by the place ever since he got there a few weeks ago. He just can’t explain it but the place is pulling him in, so that day he went just to see what else the house can give him, but he came there during the day though for he doesn’t want to be still in there when night comes.

Escape players, Bill knows in the pit of his stomach that this house is haunted, but that’s not bothering him though and he just wants to get some answers why he is being pulled by the place. Will you help Bill here with this then by venturing around the house?

Abandoned Haunted Manor X is a brand new point-and-click spooky indoor escape game from Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Abandoned Haunted Manor X

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