Abandoned Factory Escape (365 Escape) Game

Abandoned Factory Escape (365 Escape)

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The abandoned factory still has its huge machinery and it's strange why everybody left from there without taking the probably expensive heavy equipment there. That day one person who lives close to the place decided he'll maybe check the place out and see if he can find stuff there that will interest him, he even plans to take such items! And that person is Ace. That's really stealing, but in his mind those are just going to be damaged due to the elements and it's a shame if he'll just leave those alone, well he has a point but soon he'll realize why the people there left so suddenly and why stealing even from abandoned places is bad.

Ace enters the complex and began his search for stuff around the place, he indeed saw the gigantic steel things there and his thoughts about why they left the place only intensified. Ace enters further and at that point, he realized that somebody or something is following him, he can't distinguish it but in this place, that cannot be good. Ace needs to get out of there now while he still has a chance, and the situation is getting even more than creepy there now, will you help him out escape players before the one that's following him finally catches-up? For all he knows, it might be the one that is responsible for the abandonment of this factory.

Abandoned Factory Escape is another new point and click old steel complex escape game made by 365 Escape.

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