Creepy Forest Escape (365 Escape) Game

Creepy Forest Escape (365 Escape)

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Leila got lost in the forest and the worst part about that is it happened in the dead of night! She was just looking for berries in the woods to help her family in adding something on the table and as unfortunate as it can get for her, she made a mistake and now the wolves are slowly closing-in from the darkness of the forest! Leila needs to get back to the house now and she really wanted that she won't have so much as a scratch on her for she is the eldest among siblings and her younger brothers and sisters still needs her.

Escape players, this is all about life and death now for Leila and possibly for her family, she is no match for the wolves of course and that's why she thought about anything so she can distract herself from the dangers of the situation, she remembered that it was Halloween that night too, now it really gives her a bookmark of this situation which happened on the eve of Halloween. Come and help Leila here everyone, find your way through the darkness of the forest and quickly for the wolves are not far behind.

Creepy Forest Escape is the newest point and click scary dark wilderness escape game from 365 Escape.

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