Halloween Room Escape 10 Game

Halloween Room Escape 10

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The witch somehow got a little agitated for she now gave Elaine an extra challenge, Elaine was confused why she is doing this but she remembered what the witch told her before about dark energies coming-out from mysterious places, and Elaine assumed she got could by one, that's why she never questioned her. The new challenge is for Elaine to once again navigate out of the house and if she can escape she'll have her house back. Just the same as the previous challenges, but if that's the only way Elaine to get her house back then she'll have to do it once more.

Escape players, once again Elaine is given another challenge by the witch and hopefully, she'll get this done before the witch gets even more agitated. Maybe what's causing it is because Halloween is nearing! Be ready for the witch's trials here everyone for it could be much difficult than before.

Check this out once more escape players, be ready for the new challenge! Halloween Room Escape 10 is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Amgel Escape. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the first game as the start of the series.

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