Abandoned Town Escape (365 Escape) Game

Abandoned Town Escape (365 Escape)

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The abandoned town is prohibited for people to enter, for something happened in there years ago like a leak from one of its labs and it's about a dangerous chemical that can't be seen but is deadly. Kind of like radiation, only that the chemical is slightly less dangerous than radiation, and also the town is pretty far out so traveling to the place is not pretty easy. That day though Ricky went there for he is curious of the place, he knows a little bit about the chemical but he thought the abandoning happened years ago, it should have died-down by now. Ricky was right, the chemical has indeed decayed through the years, but it doesn't mean Ricky won't get in some trouble there though.

Ricky walked on the lonely streets of the town and he saw that the place was indeed quite fit for industrialization, sadly it didn't make it after that incident, and so Ricky presses-on. After a while, he got pretty interested of the things there that he didn't even notice it was getting late! Now darkness is starting to envelop the place and Ricky really didn't want to stay long, but now this is happening and he needs to solve it before it gets worst. Escape players, place yourself on the shoes of Ricky here, see if you can escape the place before it gets dark and creepy.

Abandoned Town Escape is a brand new point and click area escape game from 365 Escape.

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