Secret Passage Game

Secret Passage

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This castle is so big but the worst is that there is no elevator in the place. It's indeed very exhausting to go up and down especially if you are a queen's servant. This is how your idea of building a secret passage came up. With the help of the secret passage, you can pop out in various rooms in no time. However, this must remain a secret because the queen will be mad if she finds out that you altered her castle. Since you built this secret passage, you became more active. This is the reason why the queen loves you. She loves your performance so she always gives you task. You were asked to bring her food but the kitchen is at the ground floor. But because you have a Secret Passage, you don't worry about that.

You passed through that passage with the queen's meal but a problem occurred. Someone locked the gates of your passage. Because of this, you can't get out . The thing is, you can't ask help from anyone for this won't be a secret anymore. The queen is waiting for her meal so you have to escape from the Secret Passage as fast as you can. This brand new room escape game is made by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. Good luck!


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