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Safety Helmet

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You have a work to do and you can't start your job because of the lost helmet. The helmet is so important in a construction firm and everyone should wear it. The safety manager will surely get mad if you come out of the site with no helmets on. Because of this, you can't leave the room without that helmet. The good thing is, he is not yet on the site so you still have time to find it. However, the safety manager will arrive in a couple of minutes from now so you have to do your part to find the safety helmet. Your workmates are also on it but you have to look in different places to find it quickly.

There are clues in different areas that can help you to locate the safety helmet. So you have to roam around to find those clues. There are also items that could be useful. There's no time to waste. Do whatever it takes to find the Safety Helmet. Solve all the necessary puzzles that can lead you to exact location of that helmet. Play this brand new point and click outdoor escape game from Ajaz Games and use your logic to complete this puzzle. Best of luck!

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