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Prince And Princess Escape 5
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It's very bizarre that you don't see the princess in this castle very often. There is a party but the princess in not on the floor or in any vicinity. The one who is there is the evil step mom. So you came to her and asked her where the princess is is. But instead of showing you the princess, she showed you her daughter. She is not who you want to see. You smell something fishy around here so you sneaked upstairs to look for the princess. While you were walking along the hallway, you heard something from the room. "Help, help!" It must be the princess. You followed the voice and it lead you to the dark room. It is really the princess who is inside the room and she says that her step mom locked her inside.

As a prince, you must find a way to help the princess escape from the room. But to do that, you must collect items that you can use to unlock the door. You must take advantage of the moment until there is a party downstairs. Prince And Princess Escape 5 is the newest room escape game by 5n Games. Good luck and have fun!

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