Ruined Shopping Mall Escape Game

Ruined Shopping Mall Escape

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It's the summer sale! You've been waiting long enough for this so you woke up early to go to the shopping mall. But looks like you are not the only one who's ready for this. There are lots of people waiting in line when you went there. But those loads of people won't back you down. These swarm of people loaded the shopping mall as soon as it opens. And this doesn't do any good to the mall. In fact, it is the main reason why the mall is in ruins right now. The shopping mall itself is not ready for the massive number of crowd. Because of this, the old mall was destroyed. Unfortunately, you didn't have the chance to escape from the mall when the fiasco happened. The good thing is that you still have a chance to escape.

You have to get out from the mall before it goes down. You must be quick and find clues that can help you to find the way out. Logic and presence of mind is indeed very important for this escape. Ruined Shopping Mall Escape is another exciting room escape game by WoW Escape that you will enjoy. Best of luck!

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