Forest Village Getaway Episode 2 Game

Forest Village Getaway Episode 2

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If you think that you got away from the Forest Village, you are wrong. You jumped up and down when you finally unlocked the gate but when you looked around, you are still in the village. It's too tricky. This village is too huge and it has too many points and you are only on the second point of the village. There are lots of puzzles that you still need to solve. But this time, it was a lot harder. However, you can't complain about it. You can't do anything but to try to solve those puzzles as much as you can. Because it is the only way to escape from the forest village. So, you have to move right now and find clues that can help you to solve this second puzzle. You don't want to waste time and stay in this same forest village.

So do what you did last time and collect items that you can use to escape. You also need to continue finding clues that can make the escape easier. Forest Village Getaway Episode 2 another outdoor escape game by Hidden Key Games and Mouse City. Can you make it this time? Good luck and have fun!


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