Mine Train Monkey Escape Game

Mine Train Monkey Escape

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Mine Train Monkey Escape is point and click escape game developed by Ena Games. Assume your son had just celebrated his birthday on the last week. You promised him if his marks were going to be good enough in maths you were going to take him to the nearby adventure park. He started to improve the marks so you kept your word and on a saturday afternoon you visited the park. He was eager to try out every amusing pageant. As you were roaming around the park suddenly you found yourself in a house where a monkey was riding a mine train. The main goal of the place was to help the animal rolling up the fence in front of him in order to make him a free way. The visitor who was able to do it could win a season ticket into the park. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to open the gate for the monkey and win the ticket for your son. Have fun!



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