Panda Room Escape Game

Panda Room Escape

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As a guard in a panda reserve, Mimi is making sure that panda cubs are well. She is one of the staffs in charge of looking after the adults and baby pandas. Mimi grew up loving pandas so when she finally given the opportunity, she grabbed it. Following her dream, she works hard everyday so that time will come that pandas will populate her country once more. One day, she notices that the oldest of the cubs is gone. She immediately calls the attention of one of the staffs to check the fences and indeed, one corner has a huge hole. This alerted the entire reserve and soon, everyone is looking for the missing cub. Mimi got her gear and went straight to the mountains.

Panda Room Escape is a point and click escape game by Ainars for Escape Fan. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to help him as soon as possible. Good luck!


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